Approximately 360 individuals are locked up in detention in Flen, Märsta, Gävle, Kållered and Åstorp. Detention can be motivated for a variety of reasons, but the most common reason is for enforcement reasons and aims to prepare or implement a decision to expel a foreigner from Sweden.

An individual who has been detained for more than three days is entitled to have a lawyer appointed as a public attorney. The public attorney is paid by the state and the person in detention can request a specific lawyer. If no such request is received, a lawyer will be appointed randomly by the Swedish Migration Agency or the Police Office. The lawyer is not employed by the state and will only be loyal to the detainee. The lawyer can, inter alia, help to appeal a decision to take a foreigner into detention.

Dario Gagula works as a lawyer at Innerstans Advokatbyrå in Stockholm and is specialized at immigration law. He has extensive experience when it comes to detention cases and as a former case officer at the Swedish Migration Agency, he has also particularly good knowledge in migration law in general. For legal assistance or questions about migration law, he can be reached by phone 0046724023337 or mail

Dario Gagula